Busan Gimhae International Airport (PUS)
Facilities and Services

(Busan, Republic of Korea)

Busan Gimhae International Airport (PUS) is the gateway to the south-east of South Korea, serving over nine million yearly passengers from destinations as far away as the United States. The airport is straightforward to get to and it sports two terminals, one for domestic traffic and the other for international flights.

Facilities at both terminals are good, with banks and cash machines as well as bureaux de change facilities in the International Terminal. Both terminals are also well equipped with shops and restaurants, and disabled passengers are well provided for.

Airport Information Desks

Tel: +82 51 970 2811 / 2800 (Domestic); +82 51 970 2341 / 2700 (International)
Information centres are located on the first and second floors of the Domestic Terminal and on the first floor of the International Terminal. The International Terminal also has a Busan Tourism Association information desk and there are touch screen information services in each terminal. Some useful numbers include:

Airport Main Switchboard - +82 519 702 313
Airport Custom Service - +82 519 720 125
Domestic Terminal Information - +82 51 970 2811 / 2800
International Terminal Information - +82 51 970 2341 / 2700
Lost Property (Domestic Terminal) - +82 519 702 262
Lost Property (International Terminal) - +82 519 730 100
Airport Medical Centre - +82 519 702 278
Airport Parking Information - +82 519 702 644

Shops, Duty-Free and Retail Outlets

There is a good range of shops at Busan Gimhae International Airport, where gift shops, pharmacies and stores selling local produce offer some exciting merchandise. There is also a department store and several duty-free outlets in the International Terminal.

Bars, Cafés and Restaurants

There are snack bars, cafés, restaurants and bars in all public areas of both the domestic and international terminals.

Currency Exchange, Communications and Banking Facilities

Banks and cash machines (ATMs) can be found in convenient locations in both terminals and there are also moneychangers in the International Terminal. In addition, a post office is located on the first floor of the International Terminal, where telegram services are available, and public telephones are located throughout both terminals.

Business and Conference Facilities

For those on business and looking for a meeting room, the International Terminal has commendable business facilities at its first floor meeting rooms, while a well-equipped airport lounge is also situated nearby.

Disabled Facilities

Disabled travellers will be pleased to know that Busan Gimhae International Airport has good facilities for the mobility-impaired, with elevators and ramps where necessary and adapted telephones and toilets as well as Braille maps at information points and wheelchair assistance on request. Disabled parking spaces are also available to those with disabled persons' stickers.

Other Facilities

Along with lost property and medical services, Busan Gimhae International Airport (PUS) also offers additional facilities such as infant rooms, a barbershop and beauty salon, drinking fountains, art galleries and smoking rooms.

Busan Airport PUS

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